Workshop med James Brown

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Vi är så glada att välkomna James som nu finns på Yogayama till Yogease. 22-23 september håller han 3 workshops hos oss. Du som undervisar i yoga får en unik möjlighet till kunskap och inspiration att föra vidare. Du som yoga själv får egentligen samma sak. Du bör ha yoga förut men behöver ingen särskild förkunskap i övrigt. Till paketpris 1500 kr kan du ta alla tre. Varje enskild kostar 600 kr. Du bokar varje enskild workshop och betalar sedan paketpris. Betala genom att swisha eller via bankgiro. Märk bokning med namn. Bokningsdetaljer finner du på vår bokningssida.

Vill du gå alla tre se till att boka tidigt så att det finns platser kvar. När du betalat kursavgift är din bokning klar. Avgift ska vara på plats senast 10 september.

Här kan du läsa mer om James och innehållet.


James Brown’s classes are based on the central defining concept of practice as presented in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. That is that, when we endeavor to willfully focus on specific aspects of the human body and mind, while in a posture that is simultaneously standing firm and letting go, we shift identity away from the impermanent ego construct and toward identification with the true and unalterable self. 

During the practice of asana, you will be guided to the point of depth that will best serve to strengthen your weak areas and open tight ones, while learning how and where to work. Finding this point, called “the tapas point,” provides the practitioner with the tools needed to bring the body to a higher level of functionality, while the challenges inherent in the process will provide copious opportunities for self discovery and lasting wisdom about what is and what isn’t real.

James started teaching in Washington, DC in 1996, where he was American University’s first Adjunct Professor of Yoga and the private teacher to the family of Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore while he was Vice President of the United States. 

In 2001 he started teaching at YogaWorks. James helped developed their teacher training curriculum, which he then introduced in foreign markets. He was YogaWorks’ Director of Yoga Content until December 2012 and is the founder of American Yoga School. He is currently the Head of Online Education for Yogayama Global, based in Stockholm.


Asana Tech : Practice, Labs & Lectures About Fundamental Poses 

One way to practice Patanjali’s yoga is to use the interest in the body to drive a practice that is based on intentionally and sequentially focusing the mind. This series of workshops employs technical information about the alignment, anatomy and practice of asana to provide a physical context for an experience of the non-physical. 

Each day, we’ll start with a short presentation about the anatomy and philosophy that is relevant to the day’s practice. Then we will do an extended workshop-style practice that will focus deeply on a different type of asana.

  • Workshop 1:  The Fundamental Standing Poses
  • Workshop 2: All About Downward Facing Dog
  • Workshop 3: Restoratives and Pranayama Välkommen!!

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